The Introduction of Guesthouse

In order to expand it's facilities for international exchange and cooperation, Chaoyang University of Technology established the "Guesthouse" on May 20, 2001. The main function of the Guesthouse is to provide our foreign guests and visiting professors and scholars with a comfortable place on campus for receptions and short-term accommodation. In addition, the Guesthouse also welcomes our faculty and their families, students' parents, and alumnae to reserve accommodations therein. There are a total of 10 guest rooms including 1 suite, 3 single rooms, and 6 double rooms.

For detailed information, please contact:
Tel: 04-2332-3005 Ext. 1000
Direct Dial from CYUT: 8200 or 8201 Ext. 1000
Fax: 04-2332-4913