The dean, who is appointed by the President to handle the general affairs in the school, heads the Office of General Affairs. In addition, the General Affairs Conference meets regularly to discuss related general affairs. Under the Office, there are the General Service Section, Purchase Section, Bursary Section, Property Service Section, and Plant Services Section, with the 39employees.

Construct a warm, secure, and comfortable campus for the teachers and students to learn and research happily.

Honest and upright. Efficiency. Service. Innovative.

Major Tasks
Expand the area of the land and the campus
Improve the living and teaching facilities
Beautify and green the campus
Maintain the cleanliness and safety of the campus
A-103, 1st Floor, Administration Building

The Staffs
Dean of General Affairs: Chang Hwa-nan
Responsibilities: Supervise the execution of the following works: plant services, general service, purchase, registry, property services and bursary.