Plant Services Section

A. There are 8 employees in this section, with the following duties:
Administration of the affairs as civil engineering, construction, water, electricity, fire fighting, etc.
Repairing and maintenance of the electrical appliances and equipments in different buildings
Administration and contracting of the minor decoration works in the offices
Supervision of all sorts of construction works
Overall development plan and design of the campus
Assistance in the purchase and maintenance of air conditioners
Assistance to related units in executing fire safety
Responsible for the maintain ace of water and electrical appliances and buildings in campus
Administration of and report on the affairs related to fire security and building safety in campus
Plan and bidding works for new and affiliated constructions
B. Service Items:
For the foreign teachers or students that intend to apply for equipments or repairing of the equipments, please consult the teaching assistant at your department.

C. Development of hardware in the school:
Construction of the General Center of Enterprise Innovation (in the Taichung Science-base Industrial Park)
Student and Teacher Activities Center